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Moving Month

          It’s here. Like a freight train the day of our move to Toledo is barreling down the track at us and we (wife and I) are like Siamese deer in the awful lone headlight coming at us. In two weeks our wonderful Samaritans (family all) will have us packed into a rented truck and headed to a new world. There’s no stopping it, and no way to change our minds. We’ve changed addresses at the appropriate places; we’ve sent the change notice to the USPS branch near us; and even said farewell to co-workers and bosses and officially resigned. That train is here.

          Of course,there are forces against us. Dudley keeps pushing for more long, easy days of eating pizza, quaffing alarming amounts of root beer, and binge-watching reruns of “Midsomer Murders” and “Monk” instead of preparing to move. Every time we try to clear a room or area, something blocks access to it or prevents moving “A” until “B” is out of the way. And old friends and forgotten commitments seem to be knocking or phoning or popping up every second. People my wife hasn’t seen since we met (over 40 years ago) have called and “caught up” with her just this week! My car, of course, had to rear it’s very ugly head in the middle of things, and left us without wheels for over a week. Even my shoulder injury decided this would be a great time to act up and hamper every effort I make to get things done.

          The fact is that we are facing the accumulated “stuff” of 17 years in the same apartment, and 40 years together as a couple, and can’t get the time to discard what we need to discard. Whatever’s left in two weeks is destined to come with us and begin the accumulation of a new pile of old stuff. It’s like sour mash whiskey: the old, soured corn mash makes the smoothest booze, so some of it is saved and used as a base for the new batch. Our junk will probably be smoother, more refined because we won’t have gotten rid of all of the old junk! Seriously, there isn’t time left to go through all of this “stuff” and make decisions. I, for one, will probably just start filling bags and not stop until the “movers” get here. I’ll have to own what’s left.

          And it’s not ALL our fault. We’ve had a special “good-bye’ to attend at church, a freebie gift of an evening on a local cruse/party boat on the lake, and a farewell dinner from a dear friend – all just this week. We have house guests coming Thursday, a family reunion in Bedford on Sunday, and a serious awards dinner  and presentation to attend on the Tuesday before we move (Friday and Saturday is the actual pack-up and git.) Throw in a couple of great grand kids to play with and more bank and card people to contact and utilities to close out, and that’s about all we have left to do. That on-coming train is deafening when it’s this close. I’m entertaining the idea of NOT jumping out of the way when it reaches me.


vince katarzynski