Something Isn’t Right

          Sometimes the universe seems to be off…slightly out of phase somehow…and I can never quite put my finger on what the problem is. Right now, for example, nothing seems to be quite right: Dudley’s hated tree, for example, is full of lovely white flowers that really look great. But it’s also in full stink! It smells like cat spray (one of the many reasons to despise cats) and has done for almost a week. It will continue to smell for another week, by which time the beautiful white flowers will have fallen off its branches and turned the entire area into a dirty white mess which clings to shoes and tracks into houses. (The various messes and drippings from the monstrosity will continue ’til late July.)

          And that brings up another glitch: My kids have “informed” us (my wife and I) that we are moving to Toledo, Ohio. (Sylvania, really, but it’s a suburb of Toledo.) But the May move has been reset to mid-July because of availability problems with our prospective apartment. There’s an ad on TV that says: “Change your apartment and change the world.” Well, it’s true. At 72 and 75 we are about to be planted into a world we know nothing about: Not which direction the grocery is, not the easiest way to get to the “Y” or the golf course, not even which direction My great grand kids live in, and they LIVE in Sylvania. Sure, I know how to find these things, but in Erie I can stop at any point and point directly to any of those things (even Toledo).

          Even things as basic as eyesight are off. I made the STUPID mistake of buying “blended” or “no line” glasses, and now the quarter-inch-or-so of “blend” drives me crazy. It even disorients me to the point of making me unsteady at times because the blur gives the impression the I’m somehow off-center, leaning when I’m not. That, coupled with the daily discovery of new aches, pains and subtle loss of function here and there has made the world a fluid, changing thing. Whoever said: “It’s hell getting old…” knew what he was talking about. And for those who don’t know what that means: Wait a minute.

          Even the couple we often spend time with for companionship  with people our own age are now showing signs of dysphagia, too. They  have increasing physical problems that are worrisome and frankly unacceptable. We can’t have them having problems some two hours away from us that we can’t hop in the car and go fix. And don’t get me started on kids who have problems miles away that we can’t soothe.

          I am seeing more idiots on the roads, more rude people in stores than ever before, more stories about shootings, abductions, assaults, rapes, abuses of power, and rampant corruption, (and yes, some of that does apply to the jackass in the white house). But most of all, I think it’s me: I seem to be seeing or noticing or finding more of this out-of-sync world that ever before. Maybe I need nap.

vince katarzynski


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