This is ME we’re talking about

          I’m a complainer. Some, like my wife, think I just complain to hear my own voice, but that’s not true. To be honest, I simply need to say it: to get it out into the world and leave it there and I can walk away. I NEED to say it, like others need to breath or scratch and itch, or blink.  And “it” is only specific things: someone butchering the language, for example, or someone who hasn’t yet figured out why they put those lines in the parking lots. And all I really need to do is explain to the universe at large that that guy is the southwest end of a northeast-bound horse, and I’m done. I forget it. It’s over.
          You see, I’m convinced  that most people don’t see driving or cars as tools: They see them as extensions of themselves. So the guy parked astride one of the white lines probably didn’t do it just to be a jerk. He was: A- in a hurry; B- thinking about his destination and unaware that he parked that way; or C- believed he had a right to do that because he wanted to protect the paint job on his car. But in all three cases, “Hey, this is ME we’re talking about”. “How dare you suggest that I should be courteous to others when they should clearly be courteous to ME, FIRST”  Again: southwest-northeast.
          Now don’t get me wrong: If he hits my car in the process, I’m not going to rant and rave about it. Accidents happen. And if lightning strikes my house, or one of my household (or I myself) becomes ill or has other problems, I don’t throw a fit. I just try to help. It’s the self-serving attitudes that allow one to butcher the English language to prove you’re cool, or try to beat the traffic light, or ignore that line in to grocery store lot that just DEMAND my assurance to the world that here, at this moment, this noxious, unpleasant, self absorbed person of unfortunate parentage and unsatisfactory schooling has insulted us all and must be identified for all to see.
          And that’s it. I’ve gotten it off my chest, and unless in some odd reference to this posting, I have no more to say about it. I don’t go on-and-on about some petty little annoyance. I simply right a wrong and move on.
          Oh! By the way, the real intent of this piece was to introduce myself more clearly to you, and to note that I’m writing it today (January 1, 2016) to get a  good start to 2016. So HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.
Vince K.



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